Techno Focus

No.45 2012.2

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•"TOP SEAL NN": sealing chemical without nickel, exclusive for dyed parts by anodizing process

General Head Research Kenji Hara and Masayuki Sakoguchi

To seal dyed parts, nickel acetate sealing is widely applied in anodizing process for a long time. However, pores in anodized film are sealed with nickel, so it may occur metal allergy to human bodies to some extent.

It's the reason why nickel-free sealing is a hot topic in the industry.

In this paper, comparing with a conventional nickel acetate sealing, we introduce "TOP SEAL NN".

We also demonstrate great features, mechanisms and remarkable performances of this latest product.

•"TOP NICORON SA-98-LFG" and "TOP NICORON WETTING AGENT C" : Lead-free electroless nickel chemicals and a wetting agent, designed for plating of middle and high phosphate content

General Head Research Ryuji Saito

Regarding electroless nickel plating solutions, plated products with P content 9-11% is gradually applied for various purposes in the industry due to its excellent abilities for corrosion resistance. The demanded performances like speeding up, more shiny appearances, less film-stress and improved covering ability should be highly essential in the market.

Reflecting these latest trends, we present our study about up-dated product, "TOP NICORON SA-98-LFG", which is developed for middle and high phosphate content with no use of lead. We're positive that it will satisfy your severe requirements for better brilliance than conventional chemicals or reduced film-stress and also it can be applied for your lines to aluminum substrates more easily.

In this report, we describe its great features and also show the effectiveness of "TOP NICORON WETTING AGENT C" to prevent rough depositions or pitting and enhance the corrosion resistance.

•"CRP-DC PROCESS": Advanced direct acid copper plating process on plastics

General Head Research Yukiya Takeuchi

CRP PROCESS can realize direct acid copper plating on plastic, which has been widely applied at many customers after launching the market. Comparing with a conventional chemical plating process, CRP PROCESS helps you to reduce troubles for waste water as eco-friendly plating method. Furthermore, we're proud that it'll cut operation costs by its simple process as many defects by plating is considered to happen during chemical plating process.

On the other hand, in our research, we have seriously developed CATALYST to reduce Pd concentration. In spite of its great advantages, current CRP PROCESS requires higher Pd concentration of catalyst comparing with a conventional method by chemical plating. Also considering soaking Pd price in these years, it's needed to immediately break through this matter.

In our continuous research, finally we achieve the latest product, "CRP-DC PROCESS." Based on many advantages of original CRP PROCESS, we reach at our target for low concentrated Pd catalyst, which is practicable in direct acid copper process on plastics.

In this treatise, we introduce remarkable features of "CRP-DC PROCESS."