Techno Focus

No.45, Feb., 2012

"TOP SEAL NN": sealing chemical without nickel, exclusive for dyed parts by anodizing process

General Head Research Kenji Hara and Masayuki Sakoguchi

•"TOP NICORON SA-98-LFG" and "TOP NICORON WETTING AGENT C" : Lead-free electroless nickel chemicals and a wetting agent, designed for plating of middle and high phosphate content

General Head Research Ryuji Saito

•"CRP-DC PROCESS": Advanced direct acid copper plating process on plastics

General Head Research Yukiya Takeuchi

No.15, May, 2012

•Technology of seamless capsule preparation and its application

Department of Food Design, Faculty of Nutrition, Koshien University
Masanori Asada

•About quality improving agent of cake dough for chilled dessert

General Head Research Food Research Division
Kazuyasu Iwasaki

•About quality improvement for meat and fish processing using fermented seasoning "KOMAAJI HOJYUN"

General Head Research Food Research Division
Hideki Kurotaki

•Utilization effect of PROFECT GX on confectionery

General Head Research Food Research Division
Kazuyori Matsumoto