Food Techno Focus

No.15 2012.5

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•Technology of seamless capsule preparation and its application

Department of Food Design, Faculty of Nutrition, Koshien University
Masanori Asada

Spherical seamless-capsule that is adjusted by using coaxial multiplex nozzle has been applied to mouth freshener, food, functional food, medicine and cosmetics etc. And it has become possible to make capsule of oily material such as essential oil of fragrance, hydrophilic material such as water extract and etc. Therefore, the application range has extended greatly.

In addition, seamless-capsule of intestines-soluble has been developed which has acid resistance so that it doesn't dissolves in stomach and collapses in intestines. So, it has become possible to release contents in intestines selectively.

Especially, living Bifidobacteria weak to stomach acid that were wrapped in the acid-resistant enteric capsule of three layers reached to intestines and exhibited a ready intestines action and various bioactivities which were not observed so much by killed Bifidobacteria. So, the encapsulated Bifidobacteria has been applied to functional food, medicine and etc.

In artificial dialysis patient of blood, not only improvement of bowel movement, but also new effect of decrease of uremia material etc. has been recognized by intake of bifidobacterium capsule. In this paper, we introduce manufacturing method, advantages and various application example of seamless-capsule.

•About quality improving agent of cake dough for chilled dessert

General Head Research Food Research Division
Kazuyasu Iwasaki

The needs that are required for product are diversified than before by development of distribution system of product in the food industry.

Especially, product development that can supply delicious products without degradation of food texture for a long time under condition of chilled distribution have been required because chilled western confectionery and dessert that are sold at convenience store became popular recently.

In this paper, we describe volume up of chocolate cake and inhibition of aging of sponge cake at low temperature range as examples about "Prefect CG" that utilize oil processed protein and that can do improvement of palatability, volume up and inhibition of degradation of food texture as base materials that can meet needs of chilled distribution of such fields of confectionery and baking.

And we describe about application examples to chiffon cake, chiffon roll, bouchee and etc. of " TOP SWEETS CF610" that is mix powder for chiffon cake and that also utilizes oil processed protein. Advantages of TOP SWEETS CF610 is as follows:
1.Unnecessary making meringue and require only one bowl
2.Good keeping shape ability and no sag in the middle of cake.
3.Inhibiting of aging by preservation in a refrigerator, etc.

•About quality improvement for meat and fish processing using fermented seasoning "KOMAAJI HOJYUN"

General Head Research Food Research Division
Hideki Kurotaki

There are externals of color and shape, etc., smell, taste and texture as an important element that decides palatability of food.

Especially, up to now, the seasoning has been used to process and to cook food as one of the effective items that adjust the taste and the texture of food.

So far, we have worked on the development of agent of seasoning that can achieve improvement of taste and effect of texture improvement more efficiently and that can manufacture delicious processed foods.

In this paper, we introduce fermented seasoning"KOMAAJI HOJYUN" to have taste and effect of texture improvement, and describe effect of quality improvement when it is applied for the various food.

•Utilization effect of PROFECT GX on confectionery

General Head Research Food Research Division
Kazuyori Matsumoto

It is required to consider to creation of product that satisfies taste of consumer, degradation of food texture that happens during storage or distribution and soaring raw materials situation at scene of development of confectionery.

In this paper, we introduce and describe PROFECT GX which meets these demands as a product that supports the product development.

PROFECT GX is improving agent for confectionery that applied from oil processed wheat protein and polysaccharides. It improves the moisture retention and the shape retention.

We mention about each effect of improvement of moisture retention of madeleine, shape retention of chiffon cake, molding of low-calorie cake, and yield rate of pancake or dorayaki.

In addition, it describes an easy cooking method of canelé.