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Inorganic Materials Department

Metallic Oxide Nano-particle Paste
[Nano Disper ITO]

Transparent conductive film has been applying widely to the circuit formation of driving part and others for plasma display, liquid crystal display and solar battery panel. The typical material of this film is ITO (Indium-Tin Oxide) which indium oxide is doped by tin. The circuit by ITO transparent conductive film is formed by chemical etching after film formation by spattering method or others on glass substrate. As this method is high cost process needs big equipment and many steps, development of new film formation method in place of this method has been required.

Among the substitution film formation methods, coating and firing method by screen printing method of paste has merit that it needs only printing equipment and firing furnace, and it can eliminate patterning process. This method has a merit in cost of film formation, and film formation on large surface area board is easy.

At Okuno Chemical Industries, we succeeded in synthesis of composite metallic oxide ITO nano-particle which tin was doped into the lattice of indium crystal. Furthermore, we made this ITO nano-particle into paste form and developed ITO nano-particle paste named "Nono Disper ITO" which was suitable for circuit formation of transparent conductive thin film by screen printing method.

*Nano Disper ITO" is the product developed by the collaboration of Okuno with Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute and Tomoe Seisakusho Co., Ltd.