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Message from President and CEO

To start 2019

Be "Challenging"!
Create future chemical and future life from curiosity and inspiring spirits

Fiscal year, 2019 starts from today.

In 2018, US-China trade dispute, China’s economic slowdown and the UK’s withdrawing from the European Union had a negative impact the economic trend. While, our Japanese people experienced the longest economic expansion in the post-war period, marking the longest run on record going back to ISANAGI economic boom from 1965 to 1970. On the whole, we could found some positive factors from 2018 to 2019 because the world economy was still growing especially around the US.

In 2019, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the 2025 World Exposition will ignite Japan’s economic growth; however, we wonder if US-China trade dispute may be intensifying. Also, we still have some risks for China’s economy, the political confusion in the EU or the social instability in developing countries that will give some negative effects on the global economy.

This year, Heisei (the Japanese Era name) ended and the next era, Reiwa newly started. Thus, we think that we also have to change to have a wide vision for the next generation.

Considering these situations, I decided the motto for 2019 as follows:
Be "Challenging"! Create future chemical and future life from curiosity and inspiring spirits.

The world situations are murky and difficult.
All of Okuno’s members sincerely practice this motto as a body to solve tasks given respectively for innovation.

April, 1, 2019
CEO & President  Kazuyoshi OKUNO

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